State of the art testing facilities

BCC´s testing facilities include extensive equipment for testing the performance of HVAC systems as well as components within the systems. Our custom-built climate chambers in Toronto (Canada), York (PA, USA), and Norrtälje (Sweden), are the core of our test facilities. Our climate chambers with large internal volume are capable of accepting vehicles up to a full length articulated transit bus.

The BCC test facilities meet the demanding expectations of being a sophisticated and flexible engineering tool. With our sophisticated and flexible test chambers and analysis equipment, we are able to quantify performance, robustness and reliability of all types of equipment, in all types of conditions. We develop and tailor test processes and configurations for each client. Our in-house developed advanced software enables us to shorten our validation lead times as well as to substantially improve accuracy throughout.

BCC has invested significantly in equipment but our greatest asset is our skilled and experienced engineers.