Global strength – local progress

BCC has facilities aross the globe, either branded as BCC or MCC. Both brands are committed to providing quality HVAC-R solutions.



The York site is BCC’s center of excellence for assembly of bus AC products and offers 100% Buy America compliant production. It is also the Parts Distribution Center for BCC’s aftermarket parts for all served market segments in North America. At the York site there is also an HVAC training center, a key engineering and testing center for Bus AC products and a full length (70 ft/21 m) climate chamber for AC testing.

The assembly of HVAC systems for the US Army vehicle HMMWV also takes place in York.

MCC Toronto

MCC Toronto site is the biggest and has the most extensive production capabilities that can produce everything from HVAC system key components to complete HVAC systems. Examples of components produced in Toronto are condensers, evaporators and heater coils, blowers, wiring harnesses, and metal casing. Toronto also assembles complete HVAC products for North America Bus, Off Road, Utility Defense, and Specialty segments. Toronto has engineering and testing center and full length (70 ft/ 21 m) climate chamber and all necessary testing equipment, which can test the functionality of HVAC equipment in temperatures between -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to +60°C).


MCC’s Microchannel Aluminum Coil manufacturing facility in Mississauga is a State-of-the-art production capability able to deliver it’s own in-house designed and
manufactured microchannel aluminum heat exchangers to ensure exceptional performance, the highest quality and short lead times.


In Norrtälje, outside Stockholm in Sweden, MCC has its European Engineering Center where the major part of the development, customization and testing for European customers take place. It houses a full bus length (17 m) climate chamber (-25°C to + 70°C).


Our plant in Ningbo supplies assembled cabin HVAC’s for European and Chinese Off Road customers. it also serves as our internal group supplier of labor-intensive assembled components (water valves, wiring harnesses, etc) and products(heaters and defrosters) as well as the sourcing of components from local Chinese suppliers.


The Olawa plant is the European equivalent of the Toronto plant in North America and hence can produce everything from HVAC system key components to complete HVAC systems.

Examples of components produced in Olawa are condenser, evaporator and heater coils, wiring harnesses, PEX-tubes, metal casings, water valves, and electronics. Olawa also assembles complete HVAC products for the European Bus, Off Road and Utility segments.