Mobile Climate Control has products that can meet the most stringent anti-idling requirements for the on road vehicle market. This is divided into two different categories, diesel-powered and the DC powered all electric units.

The conventional diesel Eco Power 3500 is also an industry leader in that the 1 cylinder engine not only provides 18,000 BTU (5Kw) of cooling but also 10,000 BTU (3Kw) of heating. This eliminates the need for an additional fuel fired heater for the winter time.

The latest technological break-through is the all-electric Eco Sleeper Compact, which is housed in a between frame aluminium box that includes space for four batteries as well as the state of the art compressor and motor drive. This compact unit provides 10,000 Btu (3kw) of cooling up to 8 hrs of comfortable sleeping time.